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  • Antennae

  • A Novel of the Transhuman 

  • GAIA (The Gaia Trilogy Book 1)

  • KEEP GOING, BE HAPPY: A Romantic “On The Road” For Adults!

  • Saiior’s Acres: A novel of romance, art and the Gulf of Mexico

  • Sailor’s Acres: Tropical Romance Set Among the Art Colonies of the Gulf of Mexico 

  • The Antler’s Point: A Romantic Prehistoric Murder Mystery 

  • The Blade of the Axe: A prehistory romantic mystery (A Risa, the Arbiter, Pre-History Mystery Book 2)

  • The Cave of Lost Love: Prehistory Romance and Mystery

  • The Elephant Who Couldn’t Sneeze

  • The Gaia Trilogy 

  • The Lost Cave of Love 

  • The Love Gene

  • Things To Do Before I Die 

  • Turtle Patrol: and Scrubby the Florida Scrub Jay