The Blade of the Axe: A prehistory romantic mystery (A Risa, the Arbiter, Pre-History Mystery Book 2)

Book Author: Morton ChalfyPublication Date: 11/7/2018Length: 145 pagesISBN 10: 1794249273ISBN 13: 978-1794249271Dimensions: 6 x 0.37 x 9 inchesLength: 145 pagesWeight: 7.8 ouncesPublisher: Independently published (January 30, 2019)



Mystery in the time of the Clan of the Cave Bear.

They live in caves and huddle around fires, but they are fully human, though they belong to our most ancient history. Risa the Arbiter has now spent years in her role and is known and respected throughout the area. Her children are half-grown and exhibiting traits of independence, both of thought and action. Her tribe has grown along with her and now needs more than one Arbiter can provide alone. Risa struggles with how best to organize her duties and establishes acolytes in each village to screen petitioners.

One petitioner, Manita, complains that her son went off with two companions and did not return home. The companions tell of him falling from the top of Singing Rock and being dragged off by a bear but Manita refuses to believe them. “I have known these boys since their birth. They are lying.”

Risa,, who believes her, questions the boys and unhappy with their responses sends one off into exile. He, Arth, is wild and unruly and leaves mouthing threats. When his threats seem real Risa’s husband, Lalo, wants to hunt him down and put an end to the anxieties he is causing, but Risa won’t allow it.

How Risa finds the answer to the mystery and re-organizes tribal life to accommodate the growth that has taken place and the growth that is coming makes a human story of our ancestors come to vivid life.

Here is what readers are saying about The Antler’s Point the first Risa Risa, the Arbiter, Pre-History Mystery:

“The story was very well told I could not put the book down. It was joy to read and I am looking forward to more stories by Chalfy.” Amazon certified 5-star review

“Chalfy has created a plausible cast of characters and easily draws the reader into the challenges of this ancient world. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in the never changing strife of family dynamics that is the human condition. The main character is arbiter which creates a perfect venue for this fascinating world.” Amazon certified 5-star review