KEEP GOING, BE HAPPY: A Romantic “On The Road” For Adults!

Book Author: Morton ChalfyPublication Date: 9/16/2019Length: 173 pagesISBN 10: 1693256215ISBN 13: 978-1693256219Dimensions: 6 x 0.44 x 9 inchesLength: 173 pagesWeight: 9.3 ouncesPublisher: Independently published (September 16, 2019)



THEY SET OFF ON THE MOST MAGICAL, DELIGHTFUL ROAD TRIP EVER!They were lovers who’d married their fortunes together. He had some real estate tucked in his bag, she had somebody’s handmade pies. They had gone off in search of America – and themselves.A mid-life crisis strikes at Dave and Mo. Yearly raises in rent and the success of their business mean more work, more responsibility and more pressure – threaten their peace of mind, health and well-being. Taking stock, they decide to cash in and seek a better way of life. They sell their house, close the business, purchase pick-up and an RV, and leaving behind Florida head west to seek inspiration on the roads and highways along the way.They have a plan and it includes staying at State Parks, hiking in the woods and seeing those the Great American Desert. On the road they have endless hours to mull over their lives and talk about them to each other and themselves. Dave’s mantra, “keep going, be happy,” learned from his grandfather, is often on his mind. “I’ve got the keep going part own,” he thinks, “how can I learn to be happy?”During their travels they encounter Park Rangers, antique dealers, service station owners, and hard-scrabble working folks. In one way or another every meeting deepens their understanding of their own situation and life itself.Their adventures in the West, their experiences trying to find a new way of living that frees them from past ways of thought and allows them to pursue happiness as well as to keep going in more pleasurable and fulfilling ways is the substance of this inspiring, heart-warming story.