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The Adventures of Sam Spade (the cat)



I didn’t especially want a cat but circumstances intervened.  We moved to this area at the start of the summer and brought our 14 years and nine months old cat with us.  We planned to hold a quincinera for her on October 1 complete with piñata and formal dress but to our sorrow she exhibited signs of distress and turned out to be in the final stages of lung cancer.  We said our last goodbyes in August.

My sweetie felt the need to replace her as she (my sweetie) has always lived with a cat.  We visited every adoption facility in the area without finding the “right” one.  Finally we found a cat online whose beauty captivated my sweetie through his image alone.  He’s a jet black cat with long hair and bright green eyes.  “He’s so beautiful,” my sweetie exclaimed, and so we made arrangements to adopt him.

For a week he hid behind the couch, coming out to eat, to use his litter box and to sniff around a little.  It was close to two weeks before he let us pet him but even then he was wary, and silent.  As he grew used to the surroundings he gradually warmed to us but it was gradual.  And it turned out that he had a preference for my company.  Perhaps he’s misogynistic, perhaps chose the larger of the two of us in the house, or perhaps I pet better.  Whatever it was he chose me.  He allows sweetie to cuddle him more and more but in her words, “He’s your cat.  Darn it.”

So I have a cat.  And he’s had at least two adventures which I will detail at a later time.

I didn’t want a cat but like many things, people or animals that show up in one’s life unasked for, he’s turning out to be a very good thing.  Serendipity rides into positive territory again.