#Me Too

Amblin’ Alameda


Morton Chalfy


            It does seem that the 200,000 year oppression of women by men and the structure of the patriarchal society is finally beginning to show some cracks in its façade.  We can only hope that it will finally be forced into the garbage pail of history and that women will be able to claim their rightful position as the true leaders of humanity.  They have always occupied that position but men, fearful of being rendered essentially useless, have always denied them their due.  At first mostly through the larger size and more violent nature of males and then through the structures of society and religion which deny the facts of life and nature to proclaim Man the ruler of the world.

            It is clear that if ninety-nine per cent of males were to vanish from the Earth the human species would continue unabated whereas were the same to happen to women humanity would be finished.  Now that in vitro fertilization and cloning techniques are available even the one per cent of males is probably not necessary either.

            Personally I have never understood the male desire to dominate their womenfolk.  For one thing every heterosexual teenage boy has only one desire which I need not name, and you have to be remarkably stupid to think the way to achieve that desire is to bully women.  My strategy has always been to be as kind and loving and gentle and helpful as I can be, which, I have found, works well.

            Personal observation has led me to believe that an awful lot of the stupid treatment men accord women in word and deed grows out of a profound insecurity and the repressed recognition of womanly superiority.  Now that women are no longer taking it and shutting up we can all look forward to a better and more reasonable future.

            Culturally speaking, across the world it is women who carry the burdens of the species- bearing children and making a home, both of which are complex and difficult activities.  Men make war and protect (sometimes) the women from other men.  If males are out of the equation we would all breathe easier.

            Women are now graduating from college at a greater and growing rate than men.  Soon their numbers in business, government and the professions will naturally follow the graduation rates and they will occupy the boardrooms and operating theaters in positions of dominance.  As that happens the children will learn a new set of social instructions: respect everyone, be nice, stay warm and eat a good breakfast.  Oh yes, and Girls Rule.

            I hope to see the patriarchy brought to its knees, to see the end of wife beating, slut shaming, rape and aggressive unwanted sexual behavior.  Women are human as well so the new era will not usher in Utopia but the more egregious and embarrassing male practices can be made to eventually disappear and then all of us, male and female, will have the chance to live full human lives.

            Very, very soon I hope.

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