Potholes and Rough Roads

Amblin’ Alameda

Potholes and Rough Roads

Morton Chalfy


An Open Letter to the City Administration:

There are many decisions our city fathers and mothers have to make about how to spend the taxes and fees collected by the city in a way that meets the greatest needs and desires of the populace, as well as the demands of those who finance political campaigns.  There is a natural hierarchy to these demands on the treasury with Fire Brigades and Police being always at the top which is as it should be.  Schools and teachers come next, and livable (though not extravagant) wages for our civil servants certainly come along with the other top priorities.

However, and this is a big however, we all ride on the streets of the city.  Most of us do so many times every single day and the streets are the most visible sign of the city administration’s work.  Now I feel safe in Alameda, well protected by our Police and Fire departments, but at the same time when I ride the streets and my teeth rattle in my mouth and my tires receive one damaging blow after another all I can think of is how poor a job the city is doing on repairing and maintaining our roadways.

The usual complaint about potholes and rough roads is the damage they do to every vehicle that passes over them, damage in the form of tire wear and suspension bashing, but I wish to add a more pressing complaint to the physical wear and tear on the vehicles.  My sweetie recently underwent a surgery which left a long scar and requires a long convalescence – the operation, thankfully, was successful – and also requires many follow up trips to various medical facilities.  We also have to continue eating which requires shopping and we occasionally visit our friends and family.  All of these activities require driving the roads of Alameda and I must say we dread every trip these days.

If you have ever had a healing wound upon your body you know that every bump in the road which makes your flesh bounce brings with it multiple visits from Peter Pain.  I have become adept at avoiding the worst roadways (I’m talking about you Encinal Ave.) but there is no way to avoid all the rough roads and potholes.

The difference to a person in pain between a bumpy rough road and a smooth pavement is the difference between agony and no extra hurting.

I beseech you City Fathers and Mothers, repave the worst, elevate the roadbeds in priority.  People are hurting from riding on Alameda’s streets and as traffic worsens the drivers will have nothing to contemplate during gridlock but what a lousy job the administration is doing!

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